Tiki Hut Builders

Custom tiki huts in Cape Coral…
Natural American materials…
Round, rectangular, square, trapezoidal or whatever shape you like…

Combine that with the precise engineering of the craftsmen at Aquamarine Construction, and you have a dream come true addition to your business or residence in our Cape Coral, Florida waterfront wonderland!

tiki huts

No Worry Tiki Huts

Aquamarine Construction takes care of the permitting by ensuring adherence to Cape Coral tiki hut building codes inclusive of any tables, benches, and other personal touches you want to create a year round vacation paradise.

In addition, the wood is stained or preserved with fungus, water, and insect proof solutions to produce a rain tight, built right, cool sight hut. And remember… you’ll follow in the steps of the Southwest Florida and other Native American tribes that constructed these more than 10,000 years ago!

Tiki Huts in Cape Coral Weather

The 265 days of sun and the wet season showers in Cape Coral bring out the resilience, strength, and beauty of your tiki hut as it stands strong against all the whims of the Cape’s borderline tropical savanna.

If you already own a hut, full service Aquamarine Construction repairs any natural hut from a re-thatch to a rebuild, an addition, and/or an expansion. Our seasoned professionals will give you the hut you want, from scratch or with a revamp.

A tiki hut will beautifully blend your Cape Coral home with the relaxed Florida lifestyle in the backyard lawn area or on a boat dock as well as on a patio with an umbrella to sit under with friends and family members on a sunny Cape Coral day.

In addition, tiki huts are often used for commercial and other purposes as decorations, outdoor theaters, parties, as shade structures, for outdoor kitchens, and as standalone cabanas.

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