Dredging & Barge Services

Aquamarine Construction provides superior dredging and barge services for residential docks, marinas, condos, commercial sites, and in the canals of Southwest Florida, as a full service marine contractor.

What is dredging?

Dredging means the excavation, removal, and scooping out of mud, weeds, and sedimentation that gradually fills channels, harbors, rivers, slips and other areas of water.

Reasons for Dredging

The waterways of Southwest Florida, including the canals, change constantly. For example, the winter tides are, on average, 18 inches lower than the summer. That can mean just when you arrive to enjoy your boat in the winter, the vessel may not get off the lift!

If that’s the case, dredging may be necessary.

Other reasons for dredging include improving existing water features as well as reshaping land to change the drainage, navigability, and usage of the waterway. The process can also raise the value of your waterfront property.

Barge Services

If you just need a barge service for special jobs such as removing rocks, hauling lift covers to another dock, installing large standalone mooring piles in special spots, or other needs, Aquamarine Construction uses heavy commercial grade equipment to complete the work.

Southwest Florida Water Management District

These projects require permitting from the Southwest Florida Water Management District, one of the state’s five water management regulatory entities. This process is rather lengthy and time consuming so please keep that in mind if you are seeking dredging or barge services.

Aquamarine Construction Inc. Since 2002

Whether you need to remove the sediment around a dock or need to set up regular maintenance residential, commercial, industrial, or municipal dredging, contact Aquamarine Construction for the:

  • 40 years of marine contractor experience
  • Permitting process
  • Skilled engineers
  • Commercial grade equipment

…needed to complete your dredging or barge project!


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