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All Your Kayak Needs Under One Roof

Kayaking is a great way to explore and even exercise in Florida. In the right season, a day kayaking can be a great way to bond with friends and family. The changing and ever shifting water levels due to tides can ruin the kayaking experience. The changing tide level may make a dock too risky or unreachable when getting on or off a kayak.

At AquaMarine we seek to address this particular concern by providing solutions aimed at getting into and out your kayak easier. We fully believe that the process of docking your kayak should not be tedious or even life-threatening. We have therefore created and are always implementing solutions to mitigate this.


Cape Coral Kayak Station

Our solutions

1. Lift and launch

This ladder system allows you to easily lift and launch to and from your dock. When water levels are particularly low, this system will allow an easy transition to the water and back on the dock. This lift also offers a stable, and safe entry onto and out of the kayak.

2. Ladder lift

This particular lift raises the kayak from the seawall/dock to the water. You may also use this ladder to launch canoes and any other small non-motorized crafts.

3. Remote controlled kayak stations

We have kept in touch with recent advancements in kayaking and are pleased to introduce you to our remote-controlled options.

All these options are made with water-proof material (fiberglass and stainless-steel fasteners) to withstand the weather and elements and for longevity.

Our team at AquaMarine would love to have a site visit of your dock to be able to better gauge what your particular needs are. We offer personalized solutions because we believe no two docks are the same.

 Why You Should Try our Kayak Dock Solutions

  1. They are simple and easy to use
  2. The cost rates of the different systems are competitive yet affordable
  3. They allow safe entry and exit from the kayak
  4. The kayak launch systems can be used on fresh and tidal waters

Take Note:

  • We offer free estimates and quotations
  • We often request clients to reach out well ahead of time.
  • We are taking on new clients!
We offer installation packages upon request.

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